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Today, our first novella, "Bay Leaves and Bachelors", has been published by Torquere! You can check it out here:

When a carnival fortuneteller gives him a bag of bay leaves to sleep on, telling him it will make him dream of his perfect man, lonely historian Clay Turner is skeptical, to say the least. Since he has nothing to lose, Clay tries it, and that night, he dreams of a handsome, dark-haired man. But even that doesn’t prepare him for the next day, when he literally runs into the man from his dream on the street!

Rhys Montgomery is a rich, successful restaurateur, and he seems smitten with Clay, who is dazed by the attention. Rhys claims that he wants a slow, romantic courtship, but Rhys’ continuous refusal to take their relationship to the next level plays on Clay’s insecurities.

Is Rhys really interested in a happily ever after with Clay, or does his interest mask a far more calculating motive?
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I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

For everyone in the NE and Mid-Atlantic with me, I hope that you are safe and comfortable and able to celebrate!
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McKay and I are excited to have several publications coming in the next couple of months!

First on the list will be our first novella, entitled “Bay Leaves and Bachelors”, which will be at Torquere in their “Spice It Up” line. We’re excited because we really love working in a longer format, as many of our long-time fans know, and so this is definitely more up our alley! It will be released on November 7th.

Next, about 1 December, we will have a story coming out at Dreamspinner as part of their “Evergreen” holiday collection. Entitled “On The Rocks”, it’s all about resolving misunderstandings and finding love with the person you’re truly meant to be with.

On 30 January, we have another story at Torquere, in their Color Box line – “Caribbean Blues”. If you enjoy rebounds, love at first sight, and happy endings, this story is for you!

We’re currently working on another holiday story that we hope will be accepted and published in mid-December. We also just submitted a novel, and we’re biting our nails in hope that it will be published.

As the holidays approach, we hope everyone stays safe and enjoys a little romance in their lives!
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Our latest story, A Hundred Lonely Halloweens, has just been published! I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! :D
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On October 17th, Torquere will be publishing their Halloween Sip collection, which will include a short (8K) story by McKay and me - "A Hundred Lonely Halloweens". It's a ghost story, so if you like your romance on the haunted side, you might enjoy it!

And thanks again to everyone who has supported our journey from fanfic to the world of professional publishing - we couldn't have done it without you!!!!
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Steam Heat, the story McKay and I did for the Charity Sip at Torquere to benefit NOH8, is now available!
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Sorry I haven't been around, but McKay and I have been really busy!!!

Thanks to everyone who bought "The Once and Future Love" - we got great reviews on our first published work, and I know it's the support of our fans that made it possible!

We have two more works scheduled for publication! This week, on, we have a story called "Steam Heat" coming out as part of the Charity Sip collection "Leather Bound" which is for NOH8. If you want to see a bunch of great stories and support a wonderful charity that promotes tolerance and understanding, come check it out!

Then on November 7th, our first Novella "Bay Leaves and Bachelors" is being published by Torquere as part of their Spice It Up series.

We have two more stories in the queue awaiting what we hope will be acceptances (one for Halloween, one for Christmas) and a third that we hope we'll be able to submit this week.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!!! :D
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Finally, after years of hoping and months of waiting, the very first commercially published story by McKay and I is FINALLY HERE!!!

I am so happy it hurts. :)


May. 7th, 2012 08:03 pm
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So, in the times between working, writing, and waiting for the publication of "The Once and Future Love" on June 1st, I've been taking cake decorating classes in preparation for my daughter's wedding in December. We decided that since she wants a Bioshock themed cake, there is no way to get a bakery to do it properly at a cost that she'll be able to afford, so we're going to do it ourselves. So, without further ado, some pics of the cakes from my Level 1 class.

Too much sugar... )
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So today, McKay and I got an email informing us that a short story we'd written for an online call for submissions has been accepted for publication. WOO!!!!

There just aren't words for how happy this makes me. We ACTUALLY DID IT. It took a lot for us to get to this point, and we never would have made it without fandom - after all, we met through fandom, and learned our trade in fandom, and the response of fandom to our writing is what gave us the confidence to believe we might actually be able to do it out in the "real world". We're going to be published authors, and even if it is a small beginning, hopefully it is going to lead to even bigger things in the future.

So I want to say thank you to everyone in fandom, especially the Snupineers, the members of Snark and Bark, and everyone who has ever read and commented on our fanfic - you helped make this possible, and I'm very grateful to everyone who has supported us in the last 8 years. In particular, Lore and Ellid... you two have been there for us in so many ways - ladies, I love you both, and THANK YOU.

When we have signed the contract and have received the information about the publication, I'll post here for anyone who is interested. :D
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Thanks so much to Lore, Ellid, and Lord Hellebore for the virtual gifts on my account! Seems like my LJ stuff got spam filtered by gmail, so I didn't know! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! :D
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Just got back from working out. I started before the New Year, so it doesn't count as a New Year's resolution, right? I just decided that it was time I stopped being a lump and got back into shape. It's going pretty well, have lost a few pounds and several inches and my endurance is improving. Did 45 minutes/7557 meters/380 calories on the rowing machine, so I feel accomplished.

Daughter's "Save The Date" cards came - Zazzle is full of fail. They are DARK, much darker than the image we sent them, which I looked at on two computers and it was FINE. Either their calibration sucks or they just got it wrong. Waiting for them to email me back, because she isn't sending them out looking this way. :P

Pearle is also full of fail. New glasses order came in. My vision is one thing I do NOT skimp on, because I only have good sight in one eye, the other is pretty much useless, so I don't hesitate to take care of them. I paid for their highest index material, and when I went to pick up the glasses last night, the lens for my worse eye was TWICE as thick as my current pair. WTF? I was NOT happy - the difference in my prescriptions tends to make one side of my glasses REALLY heavy compared to the other, which is really annoying and off balance and causes me massive headaches if it's wrong. I only went to Pearle because we have vision benefits through EyeMed we had to use by the end of the year, and Pearle was the closest place that took it. Now I am regretting that. I'm having them remake the glasses, but in the meantime I went and ordered new lenses from Doctor's Visionworks (who made current pair of glasses, which are NOT terribly thick). Feh. But the delay means that I get to go on the cruise with my current glasses, which I scratched pretty badly on Sunday when disassembling the Christmas tree. :P Oh, well.

Heading off to get a massage. I need it!


Jan. 6th, 2012 04:25 am
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Woo, Vampire Diaries was back last night! That show is my guilty pleasure. >.> WAAAY too much fun, and I adore everything Damon says.

We're going on a cruise to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks, with a stop in Port Canaveral. Yay, space stuff! :D I'm such a geek. And we have a suite on the cruise, with a balcony, which should be awesome.

The "Save The Date" cards for my daughter's wedding are now on their way to us, and I went with her to reserve the reception venue this week, which was exciting.

McKay and I are busy writing another novel. As usual, the characters are taking over. I'm more and more convinced that I'm just doing what the voices in my head are telling me to do. ;)

Now if work would just calm down and be sensible, things would be pretty darn good. :D
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I hope that everyone has a safe, prosperous, happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year!

I've not posted much in the last year (I guess I haven't felt like I've had too much to say) but my New Year's resolution is to be better about it. We'll see if I can keep it! :D
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After seven years of writing together, [ profile] scribbulus_ink and I have fulfilled a goal - completion of our first non-fanfiction novel! We are just waiting to get it back from our betas before submitting it!

A teaser... )
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So, we withstood Irene... and the remnants of Lee are about to wash us away. Fortunately my house is safe (we are up a hill), but the river behind our house which goes under our road is in full spate

Pictures of the flooding )
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Does anyone else watch Haven? Am I the only one obsessed with this show?


Jul. 5th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Where is the justice for the murdered little girl? Sometimes our legal system is made of FAIL.


Jun. 12th, 2011 10:41 am
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Okay, it's been a long time since I sprawled all over the floor pinning and cutting out a pattern, but GEEZE, I didn't expect it to hurt this much! :P

Does anyone else sew as though it were a full contact sport?
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So I've knitted a steampunk shawl. I really like how it came out, and I'm thinking of either knitting another to sell at a con or selling this one. The problem of course, is pricing the darned think. The yarn alone in this was $66, (it's a hand-dyed rayon with a copper metallic thread that I wish showed up better in pictures) and it took nearly three weeks to knit (and I knit fast). So... opinions?

Big pic of shawl under here! )
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